Thursday, 15 September 2011

Wedding card orders

So at work we have our own little intranet where you can buy and sell stuff. For as long as I've worked there I've been advertising the fact that I make handmade cards that are available for people to buy. Sadly I've had very few orders from this.

However on Monday I got an email from a lady who works at another part of the Trust asking if I could make a card for her to give to her daughter who was going to be her bridesmaid this weekend (bottom photo). She loved it so much that she asked if I could make her a card to give her husband (top photo).

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Getting motivated.

So it's September and I really should get some cards made, but I have a serious case of can't-be-arseditis. Plus when you've got a rabbit running round who likes to eat everything in sight, it's a little hard to get my stuff set out to get some cards made!! I suppose I could do it on a weekend afternoon when she's in her cage, but like I say I really can't be bothered. I last made some cards about two months ago when I finally pulled my finger out and made about 20 to re-stock the stand at the shop where I sell them.

I know what's causing the can't-be-arseditis and truth be told making cards would actually be good for me but its just getting myself motivated and out of the funk I'm in to get myself card making again. Maybe once I've been to Harrogate show next weekend I might get mesen going again.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Virgin blog


My name is Becci and I make hand made cards. This blog will to show off cards that I have made.

About me: I'm forty and live with my crazy bunny called Buffy. I make cards in my spare time and sell them in a local bookshop/cafe and to friends and family. I first got into cardmaking about six years ago as I wanted to do something a bit different for Christmas cards.